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Elderly More Alert In The Morning, Study Finds

Common belief from around the world has it that we are more focused in the morning. A new study, though small, has confirmed this with their findings. In theory, this can only be true if we’ve had an early night and slept without major disturbances. You’re hardly going to be alert and focused after a hectic night out in town.

How was the study carried out?

Using functional MRI technology, a group of researchers from the Canadian Institutes for Health Research monitored brain activity of 16 older adults (aged 60-82) and 16 younger people (aged between 19 to 30). In short, they did a series of memory tests while the participants were subject to distraction.

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Rosemary & Oregano Have Diabetes-Fighting Compounds, Reveals New Study

It’s been well documented that most herbs are good for us. Many natural ones have been used for thousands of years to heal serious skin ailments, curb people’s alcohol intake and even kill life threatening cancer cells. As a result, most people like to keep their fair share of herbs stashed away in the medicine cabinet. It’s got to a point where scientists are finally beginning to validate these plants’ powers to relieve arthritis pain, reduce high blood sugar levels and cholesterol. The latest study from the Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry has found that oregano and rosemary have diabetes-fighting compounds. That’s amazing news for your blood sugar levels. Here are the findings:

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Social Media and Healthcare - Interview With Dr. Gwenn

Dr Gwenn

With the emergence of social media as a significant cultural force, many healthcare organisations have tried to leverage this power to help the development of public health. The ways in which this should be implemented has become a contentious issue and one that has divided opinion amongst medical professionals. To offer an expert insight into this world, we set up a one-off interview with Pediatrician and digital media specialist, Dr. Gwenn Schurgin O’Keeffe who is the CEO of health and communications company, Pediatrics Now. Find out what she had to say:

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Top 10 Aphrodisiac Foods

man kissing woman

If you’ve lost your spark in bed, it’s not all doom and gloom. As well as prescription medication such as Viagra, you can also try out some all-natural aphrodisiacs that can put you in the mood and give you that all-important boost of libido in the bedroom, especially if you're planning a romantic night for your loved one. . We called upon some nutritional experts to take you through the top 10 foods with libido-enhancing properties. Check them out below.

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