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Diet and slimming pills

This type of medication can be divided into two separate categories – prescription and non-prescription. Both are designed to help weight loss, but there are a number of fundamental differences that are important to note.

Many people automatically associate this treatment category with over the counter appetite suppressants. You can buy this type of diet pill without a prescription and they generally produce results through a reduced appetite.

One of the key issues with the over the counter supplements is that they are often ineffective, with users left disappointed by the results. More importantly, the risk of side effects is often quite severe, with symptoms including migraines, increased blood pressure, blurred vision and insomnia.

However, there are clinically proven options like Xenical available in the UK, which can help you lose weight both safely and quickly. These prescription slimming pills differ from the over the counter versions in that they offer proven results in a safe and sustainable way.

You will only be able to use this type of medication if a doctor recommends it for you. At 121doc, you can buy clinically proven diet pills online by completing a quick online medical consultation.

What prescription options are there?

Certain medications to aid your diet are only available via a doctor’s prescription and cannot be purchased over the counter on the high street. The most effective diet tablet in the UK is Xenical.

Prescription treatments offer clinically proven results to people who want to lose weight in a safe way. They have undergone rigorous research to make sure that they are safe to take and the fact that a doctor prescribes the medication means that you can be sure that you are suitable for this weight loss treatment before you take it.

These work by significantly reducing the amount of fat that the body absorbs from meals in a safe and sustainable way. There were previously prescription appetite suppressants in the UK (Reductil), but these are no longer available due to the increased health risks and side effects.

Do they really work?

Genuine diet pills like Xenical have been clinically proven to provide effective results. In the long term, losing weight with a prescription diet pill can reduce your risk of developing some of the health risks associated with being overweight.

Who is suitable for it?

Xenical is only available based on the recommendation of a registered doctor. One of the main considerations that the doctor will take is whether you have a BMI that categorises you as overweight.

Typically, your BMI will need to be over 27 for you to be considered for a prescription diet pills. You can check your body mass index by using our free BMI calculator.

Can I buy diet pills online?

Before you are able to buy prescription slimming pills online, you will need to first complete an online medical consultation. Our team of doctors will use this information to determine whether you are suitable for this treatment option. You can begin your consultation by visiting the Xenical product page or by contacting our dedicated patient support team.

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