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Weight Loss

Weight Loss

Being overweight is a serious problem. Over 30,000 people die each year because of weight problems in England alone. People usually develop weight problems because their calorie intake is higher than their calorie expenditure, causing excess calories to be stored as fat. However, other factors such as genetics, metabolic rate and lifestyle all have a role to play. Prescription weight loss pills are an effective form of weight loss treatment and can help you to lose a significant amount of weight.

Xenical pills are the most effective weight loss treatment available, which you can order online to achieve your weight loss goals quicker and more easily. We offer all patients a free online consultation with a doctor when they order medication from us so that they know they are safe to take it. But remember that weight loss pills are not a quick fix; the success of your weight loss treatment depends on your lifestyle and level of commitment.

When should I consider weight loss treatment?

If you are unsure if you are overweight, you can calculate your body mass index online or visit your GP. Your body mass index is the ratio between your height and your weight, and is used to determine whether that ratio is healthy. If your BMI is between 25 and 30 BMI you may only require over-the-counter weight loss pills; if your BMI is 30 or above, you could be classified as obese and might qualify for prescription weight loss treatment.

The sooner you act the better chance you stand of reducing the potential risk of long-term illness. Weight loss pills and many other forms of weight loss treatment are readily available for you to consider. If you are finding it hard to lose excess weight as a result of a medical condition or have a family history of weight problems, you contact our doctor direct and they can advise you of the best available weight loss treatment.

What health problems are linked to obesity?

Men and women who are critically overweight are at significant risk of stroke, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and osteoarthritis. Being overweight can significantly shorten life expectancy; adults over the age of 40 can have their life-expectancy shortened by 6-7 years. They can also experience a variety of short-term problems such as muscle aches, back problems, breathing difficulties, increased sweating, back and knee pain, gallstones and acne.

What are my treatment options?

Increasing physically activity is a gradual way to overcome obesity. You should build-up slowly to 30 minutes of moderate intensity exercise on at least 5 days of the week. Most people who lose weight on a calorie controlled diet put it on again. Only 5% of obese people manage to keep their weight down. The most successful way to lose weight is to combine an obesity treatment with effective lifestyle changes, both diet and exercise.

More exercise, a healthier balanced diet and realistic expectations can help make the change permanent. There are further weight loss solutions, such as gastric bypass or gastric balloon surgery, but these are intrusive and have many potential complications. They should only be used as a last resort after your have tried prescription weight loss pills as an obesity treatment.

Buying weight loss pills on prescription

Xenical is an FDA approved prescription medication which can be taken by people 12 years and older. It is usually prescribed for people who have a BMI of 30 and above. This obesity treatment promotes weight loss by preventing the digestion and absorption of fat in foods. In clinical trials, approximately 6 out of 10 patients taking Xenical together with a reduced calorie diet lost 5% of their body weight after 12 weeks.

Can I order obesity treatment online?

121doc provides Xenical weight loss pills for people who want to order an effective, proven obesity treatment online with convenience. Ordering a course of Xenical is a strictly confidential process, which includes an online consultation to be successfully completed. Our registered doctor will assess the information in the consultation to make sure Xenical is the best obesity treatment for your condition. You can also speak to our doctor on how to combine slimming pills with a healthy balance of diet and exercise.

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