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The Tom Hardy Warrior Diet

Tom Hardy diet

To slip into character as effortlessly as Tom Hardy does takes an abundance of determination and commitment, more so than with the average Hollywood role. To look the part of menacing cage fighter Tom Conlon, Hardy’s on-screen character in the box office hit Warrior, the rugged Brit signed up for a vigorous workout routine that would make most men tremble at the knees.

Where there’s pleasure there’s pain…

Hardy exploited a pleasure pain principle that motivated him to work harder to cut excess weight and bulk up. By insisting on continuing to indulge in sweet, fatty foods, such as, ice cream and pizza Hardy knew he was to endure a high-intensity workout in order to counteract the calories. Not everything that Hardy consumed during filming is on the Weight Watchers blacklist; the majority of the time he sensibly stuck to a staple of chicken and rice for protein intake.

Follow the tips below to discover the secret to Hardy’s alpha male stature.

Pleasure source – Eat plenty of chicken

Chicken is pound-for-pound the healthiest meat with its high protein low calorie ratio. Whether you are looking to get ripped in the gym or just hoping for a new weight loss aid, chicken is by far one of the best foods to choose. Hardy and co-star Joel Edgerton feasted on chicken throughout filming to retain energy and build lean muscle.

"[It was] a lot of protein," Joel added. "They were bringing us like a plate of chicken or beef every three hours."1

Pain source – Upper body strength exercises

To convince the audience Hardy was worthy of a place in the Octagon he trained four times every day. He trained circuits, which consisted of press-ups, seated rows and shoulder lifts, when he woke up, at lunch, before dinner and before bed. Trained professionals when building muscle fast, practise these types of routines for 20 minutes using controlled movements, focusing on form rather than speed.

Pleasure source – Scoff bowls of rice

Many athletes and bodybuilders at the peak of their fitness often take in traditional protein supplements, such as whey and casein proteins when trying to add muscle. An old-school alternative to the shake is rice, a rich source of protein that contains muscle-building qualities. Rice can deliver many of the same nutritional benefits that other forms of proteins do, but its known to be better your digestion and all-round health.

Pain source – Get grappling on the mat

Hardy and Edgerton were made to get their hands dirty prove themselves as top athletes. Hardy played the knock-out artist, while his on-screen rival was cast as the tactician. There’s no denying that the sheer aggression Hardy portrays on screen makes his character more believable as the blood-thirsty mauler, but that didn't make him infallible to the knee-twisting and bone-crushing that was par for the course during fight choreography.

"As our fighting styles were different in the film, I would then concentrate more on jiu-jitsu and Tom would do striking, said Edgerton."2


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