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Reductil (sibutramine)

Reductil (sibutramine) was a prescription medication that was designed to assist with weight loss. Unlike the new prescription treatment that reduces the amount of fat that is absorbed from meals, Reductil weight loss tablets work by reducing appetite.

One of the main functions of this treatment is increasing the levels of serotonin that the body produces. Whilst serotonin is most commonly known as the hormone that regulates mood, it is also plays a role in the feeling of hunger. By increasing the levels of serotonin in the blood stream, this medication tricks the body into thinking it is full. In theory, less hunger cravings lead to less meals and snacking, which in turn leads to weight loss.

This was initially a popular concept for losing weight, but medical opinion on this issue has drastically changed due to new findings on the safety of losing weight through a medically suppressed appetite. New and improved treatment options are now available that provide a safe alternative to Reductil.

Why was Reductil banned?

In January 2010, Reductil was discontinued in the UK due to advice given by the European Medicines Agency. This new guidance means that you can no longer buy Reductil online in the UK or EU. This advice was based on new evidence about the risk of serious health complications from this medication.

Reductil, as an appetite suppressant, carried with it the side effects associated with this type of medication. It was linked to things like high blood pressure and an increased heart rate, and was also linked to serious cardiovascular events like heart attacks and strokes.

One of the functions of this treatment was an increase in the production of serotonin, which tricks the body into thinking its full. Serotonin is also responsible for regulating mood within the body. Due to the increased levels of serotonin, some users of Reductil experienced depression and even suicidal thoughts in more extreme cases.

Is there an alternative to Reductil in the UK

Xenical is the only prescription alternative to Reductil available for purchase. This treatment works locally within the digestive system, aiding weight loss by significantly reducing the amount of fat that is absorbed from meals. This is in contrast to Reductil slimming tablets, which are absorbed directly into the blood stream and work by affecting neurotransmitters in the brain. A localised treatment method means that Xenical does not share the Reductil side effects. Whilst acting in a different way, it is also effective, offering fast weight loss in a safe and sustainable way.

What is the difference to Reductil?

The new prescription weight loss medication focuses on a reduction in the amount of fat that is absorbed from meals. Whilst being an extremely effective treatment, it offers a safer alternative to appetite suppressants like Reductil. The table compares the functions, benefits and side effects of the two treatments.

Xenical Reductil
Active Ingredient Orlistat Sibutramine
What part of the body does it function? Digestive System Brain and Nervous System
How does it work? Significant reduction in fat absorbed from meals Works within the brains neurotransmitters to suppress appetite
Is it effective? Over 70% of patients lost more than 10% body weight within 12 months. Over 70% of patients lost a significant amount of weight from Reductil.
Side Effects? Fat passes through the digestive system and excreted. This can lead to oily stools..
Cardiovascular and circulatory problems.

Severe mood changes and possible depression.

Possible insomnia.

Can I still buy Reductil online?

As a fully licensed and accredited online pharmacy, we abide by all the regulatory guidelines set by the EMA. We take patient safety very seriously and so are not able to either market or promote the sale of Reductil. As with all banned treatments, there are still vendors who claim to be selling Reductil online within the UK. These websites are doing so illegally and one should be very cautious about purchasing medication (deemed unsafe) from websites breaking the law in this way.

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