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Slimming pills - comparing the most popular brands

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If you find it tough to lose excess body fat and want to stop putting on weight unexpectedly you may find that incorporating slimming pills into your plan helps you stay on track and reach your goal faster. Slimming pills can be used to supplement your weight loss efforts to make the difference needed, when exercise and diet fail to work. The UK market is swamped with products intended for this sole purpose, some promising results in as little as three months. In this article we'll take a look at the most in demand slimming pills in the UK by directly comparing their benefits and potential drawbacks.

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What are the most in demand slimming pills?

Xenical – the only universally recognised weight loss aid by the FDA. Xenical slimming pills can block up to one third of dietary fat from being absorbed by your body.

Alli – this is an over-the-counter medicinal aid that uses the same active ingredient as Xenical, but at half the dosage. These slimming pills are readily accessible, although less effective than a prescription dosage.

Green Tea Extract –used in over-the-counter formulas, this substance is thought to increase metabolism and lower bad cholesterol.

Hoodia – a type of slimming aid created specifically for promoting weight loss through appetite suppression. Available to users over-the-counter.

Reductil – an appetite suppressant known to offer effective results over the long term. It differs to Xenical in that it acts within the brain, not the digestive system.

How effective are slimming pills?

Shown below is a side by side comparison table for those slimming pills previously mentioned. Xenical and Alli both use an active ingredient called orlistat, and thereby work in a similar way to help you lose weight. The main difference here is that Xenical is clinically tested and has a strong track record.

Hoodia and Green Tea Extract are stand-alone slimming pills although it's not uncommon to hear them used in other weight loss formulas in smaller amounts. They may take longer to show any improvement in the user, sometimes having no effect whatsoever. Reductil is an appetite suppressant that was seen to have a high success rate among slimming pills.

Slimming pill Function Success rate Safety
Xenical Blocks absorption of dietary fat Effective in clinical trials Approved by the FDA
Alli Blocks absorption of dietary fat Effective in the short term Reports of liver injury
Green Tea Extract Speeds up metabolism Insufficient data Insufficient data
Hoodia Decreases appetite Insufficient data Insufficient data
Reductil Decreases appetite Effective in clinical trials Banned by FDA

Are slimming pills safe to use?

Notice only two of the slimming pills have been clinically tested to ensure safety and effectiveness for users, however only Xenical proved to be safe for public use. Reductil was taken off the market in 2010 due to serious side effects. Alli, Green Tea Extract and Hoodia can be purchased freely over the counter, which is a testament to their safety, however as with the majority of untested slimming pills, a lack of clinical testing means the user is unaware of the possibility of potential side effects.

Can I buy slimming pills online?

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