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Buy Vaniqa topical cream online to treat unwanted facial hair and the symptoms of hirsutism

Vaniqa is a unique topical cream developed specifically for aiding the removal of unwanted facial hair in women. Scientifically proven to slow the production of facial hair, Vaniqa cream is a complementary treatment that is simple to apply as part of your morning or evening grooming routine. During clinical studies over 80% of women using Vaniqa treatment showed an improvement in the appearance of facial hair growth after twelve months.

  • Proven to slow the rate of growth production
  • Reduction of facial hair in 80% of cases
  • Results in as little as 4-8 weeks
Vaniqa facial hair removal cream
Vaniqa facial hair removal cream Vaniqa facial hair removal cream vaniqa
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  • Genuine UK medication
  • Discreet Packaging
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How does Vaniqa work?

It targets the root of the hair follicle to retard hair growth on common trouble areas, such as the jaw line, cheekbones and under the chin. This cream formula contains the active ingredient eflornithine, and when applied to the face, it becomes absorbed by the epidermis (outer layer of skin) and blocks the enzyme required for hair to grow through.

Unlike some other hair removal topical agents, Vaniqa is perfectly suitable to use in combination with waxing and tweezing. If you take well to it you can expect results within just four to eight weeks. You may benefit from using this treatment if any of the following conditions affect you:

  • Mild excess hair growth on your face
  • Hair-removal treatments alone are not effective
  • Contraceptive pills are either not suitable for you or have not worked

Dosage information

Vaniqa is administered as a smooth cream that is intended for daily use. At 121doc you can order this treatment that will last you for approximately two months. It should be noted that the Vaniqa formula and many other topical creams on prescription take time to make a visible improvement and you must be patient in order to witness the desired results. Continue to use treatment for as long as instructed.

This medication is intended for women aged 16 and above and can be used on most skin types. You may be denied a prescription if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, or if you are already on medication for decreased liver function.

How to use Vaniqa?

Vaniqa can be easily incorporated into your morning and evening grooming routine. The facial hair cream formula should be applied topically after cleansing and before applying moisturizer, sunscreen or cosmetics. Dab a thin layer on the affected area of your face twice a day, allowing it to be absorbed into your skin.

For the best results wait eight hours between applications, and at least four hours before washing your face again. If you stop using the cream your facial hair may continue to grow at its normal rate.

Are there side effects?

Vaniqa is the only FDA approved facial hair cream available on the market. This medication is dermatologist recommended and has undergone scientific trials to ensure its safety for users. During trials, a small number of women reported mild and temporary skin irritations, such as redness, stinging, burning, tingling, acne or rash. Clinical studies show that skin reactions are a rarity as only 2% of daily users discontinued treatment due to side effects.

Ordering Vaniqa online

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Treatment Information
Product Name: Vaniqa
Active Ingredient(s): Eflornithine
Manufacturer: Almirall
Administration: Topical
Presentation: Tube
Available Dosage: 11.5% 60 g
Posology: Apply to the affected area 2 times per day
Exemption: Subject to medical prescription
Application: Women over 18 with excessive facial hair growth (hirsutism)
Description: Vaniqa is a topical cream that provides effective hair removal for women and slows down the production of facial hair
Drug class: Progesterons
Alcohol consumption: Small possibility of causing side effects, ask your doctor
When breastfeeding: Not recommended, ask your doctor for alternatives
When pregnant: Not recommended, ask your doctor for alternatives

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